Paddle HAcks, Matt Mcclure & Ben Ashford come to spice up your paddle expereince, and perhaps… your life.


Matt & Ben

met in the paddle Mecca that is Chicago.

After a brief courtship they had a very successful run at a few tournaments in the consolation and last chance draws. During these successful tournaments a great friendship was born. A shared love of paddle and many hours in paddle huts discussing absolutely everything, Matt and Ben came up with the idea that paddle was getting too serious and wanted to find a way to connect with the 99% of people that aren’t going to win a National title but live and breath this great sport.

Paddle hacks was born.

We look forward to meeting everyone and hearing your stories.


Matt McClure

is the Director of Racquet Sports at Lake Shore Country Club in Glencoe, IL. He has been hacking around the world of paddle 11 years in markets such as Chicago, Cleveland, New York and Boston. Matt’s had the chance to learn from the best, but has obviously ignored any and all wisdom that came his way. Against all odds and with what many consider an uncomfortably low I.Q., he’s been able to lead several teams and club programs to major improvements in their games and programs. Over the last 9 years, Matt seems to have really enjoyed getting the ever-living crap kicked out of him at tournaments across the country. He was always better at Speech & Debate than racquet sports, and that fact presents itself everyday on, and off the court. What he lacks in talent he makes up for with a jocular attitude, and superior “on court chatter”… whatever the hell that is.


Ben Ashford

is the Director of Racquet Sports at The Tennaqua Club in Deerfield, IL. Ben Ashford brings the accent to the Paddle Hacks “Duo”. His hobbies include petting his soccer ball and kicking his small dog around… wait, reverse it. Ashford brings the true talent to the team as he’s the one with a real junior academy credentials and a short, yet mighty, pro-tennis career. Ben somehow manages to love and hate everyone at the same time. His English accent is “rubbish” and his smooth, soft delivery will leave you wondering if his aggressive chains of expletives were even swear words at all. What a hack…

Oh, how the mighty have fallen... into a pit… known as platform tennis.