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Paddle Hacks will be running several destination Platform Tennis Camps throughout the season. We’re going to change the teaching format up on you. Revolutionize the industry. Write a whole new book on the game. Buckle up. Are you ready? We’re going to “Teach the Truth”… in a fun, playfully sassy way.

What is “Teaching the Truth”?

Simple. It’s the idea that shots and strategies are based on your abilities (physical & mental). Not everyone should be playing the same style of paddle. If you’re short (like Ben), you’re not going to be hitting a lot of waterfalls. Possibly because you have some hobbit in your DNA and should still reside in The Shire. If you’re tall (like Matt), you need to stop jumping to hit the ball and get your lazy feet moving to setup instead of missing another of the worlds easiest overheads! Just because you can reach the ball doesn’t mean you’re going to hit a good shot sasquatch. Two examples… is enough.

How is that different than what I’ve been working on with my home pro?

It’s not different you Chia Head . You’re home pro is a Super Paddle Genius (Super ingenio ad requisita naturae, Latin). You don’t even realize it. However, we at Paddle Hacks have taken a streamlined approach to improving your game. We stay on track, work the necessary skills, and don’t shy away from the tough or controversial topics. Also, we slip steroids into your water bottles. So, if you’d like to hear the exact same information your pro has been telling you every freakin’ week, but in an incredibly fun and entertaining way, then we’re the camp for you.

All camps include-

  • Top Level Instruction

  • Fun

  • Food

  • Beverages (now, with new and improved alcohol)

  • Favor

  • A minimum of 3 consummately quotable lines

  • Group participation in a “Face2Face” Paddle Hacks Podcast Session

  • Memories that will last a lifetime


We are currently working with coordinators in the following cities to setup Paddle camps in the off season (April-September). Drop us a line if you’d like your city added to the list.

  • Baltimore

  • Boulder

  • Chicago

  • Kansas City

  • Connecticut

  • Rochester

  • Philadelphia


  • The Moon-Special Elon Musk Upgrade Package Required